Cube 7010: LED Test & Analysis System

Cube 7010 is an integrated high speed LED Test and Analysis System including an I-V source/analyzer for driving LEDs, spectroradiometer for measuring optical output, and a Windows ® PC loaded with Op-Test Software Suite. Cube 7010 comes with our new color metric, C-Parameters, for easy distinction of minute differences in spectral power distributions.

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High Accuracy Spectroradiometer

Cube 7010 has advanced spectral preprocessing to ensure the accuracy of calibration over a wide range of acquisition times. Therefore issues with jitter and noise are minimized, allowing the resolution to calculate highly accurate parameters for characterizing LED devices. Cube 7010 also measures and calculates parameters in infrared and UV wavelengths.

Parametric Calculations

With the Op-Test software, parameters are calculated off of the spectral data data including: Dominant Wavelength, Centroid, Peak Wavelength, CIExy, CRI, CCT, and our patented C-Parameters.

For electrical parameters, the CUBE 7010, also measures junction resistance and calculates R-Sag. The R-Sag parameter is an indicator of how the device heats up. Junction resistance and RSag can also detect defects of the device in a non-destructive way.

Controlled Energy Testing: Clarity

Cube 7010 has a patented controlled power mode, which precisely controls voltage and current to drive the device at a constant electrical Power In (Pin). Controlled energy ensures that between devices, differences in device parameters, like Vf, do not affect parametric calculations of intensity, color output, C-Parameters, and other parameters.

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Quantifying Color with C-Parameters

CIE-xy is non-uniform color space and is based on empirical subjective data. However our patented C-Parameters is based on the physics. The spectral power distribution is directly broken down into components and expressed as little as 6 real numbers, allowing mathematical comparison of SPDs. Each set of C-Parameters can be correlated to physical processes happening in the device like recombination or phosphor processes. Therefore various color contributions can be finely compared and used to tune the manufacturing process.

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Electrical Output/Input:

Max Force Current Range:  +/- 2A

Max Force Voltage Range: +/- 12V

Minimum Force Resolution: 30µV, 0.6µA

Minimum Measure Resolution: 30µV, 0.6µA

Min Pulse Width: 0.11ms


Wavelength range: 200- 1080 nm

Minimum Integration time: 1.1 us

Optical Resolution: 1.5nm FWHM

Sensitivity (counts/uW per ms of integration time): 460,000 counts

Detector: 2048 pixel Si CCD image sensor

Fiber optic connector: FC